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Member Benefits


We provide you, an American Professional Mariner, with a safe and efficient voyage across many APMA Seas of Opportunity.  You receive exclusive APMA online resources and all association benefits with your membership.


  • A HUGE maritime business directory for the entire U.S.A.
  • JOBS!  Hundreds of national listings and a Directory of Recruiters.
  • The BEST maritime training directory in the U.S.A.
  • The ONLY maritime education supply directory in the U.S.A.
  • USCG links and help for Merchant Mariner Credentials, documents and more.
  • NEWS updates from USCG.
  • SEA STORIES, photos and videos from fellow mariners, POST YOURS!
  • NETWORK through exclusive APMA member directory and social media.
  • MONEY tools and retirement guidance from FINRA.

LOW 1-YEAR RATE (IRS approved - business expense)

Your Future: The APMA Vision

Before you start to learn more about APMA opportunities and benetfits, we want you to know that we are not done!  Our mission is about your success, on your terms, with all the help, resources, value and advantages we can find for you.  By joining the APMA, you help yourself, your family, and your shipmates to a better future because as a nonprofit association for the American Professional Mariner – a strong membership is empowered to get the discounts, resources, and opportunities that you deserve!

Your Money: APMA Financial Services – for a better life

You work for money, a critical need for many opportunities in life.  We work to help you get the most from it….  APMA financial benefits start with retirement information to help you make informed decisions for your personal welfare. ….

  • Low cost membership:  The APMA is an IRS approved - 501(c)(6) tax exempt non-profit - association for American mariners.  For 20 pennies per day, you get all the benefits of membership - in your hard working hands when you need them. Your membership fee is an IRS approved business expense for your professional and career goals.   
  • Retirement and Investment Education:  Take care of yourself and retire on your terms, by using the FINRA learning materials, Save Smart videos, investor education modules and online financial tools linked from this website through an exclusive APMA - FINRA affiliation agreement.  This is our first step to making sure no one gets between you and your money! 

Your Business: The APMA Coastal Services Directory

The APMA Coastal Services Directory is the largest online industry directory in the U.S.A.  Whether you are preparing for a voyage, need repairs, or plan assistance in a distant port the APMA Coastal Services Directory can help you find the vendors, supplies and help that you need.  This directory provides APMA members with exclusive listings and a unique search engine to quickly locate the best resources for you.  Fingers do the sailing here.  If you are looking for help on your voyage or in a port across the country – use the APMA Coastal Services Directory to get the job started now!

Your Work: APMA Career Center

The APMA Career Center gives you every national resource in one simple search location, with us!  New jobs are posted by the minute.  Here is a free market option for your career and the best way for employers to find you.

For Mariners:

  • The latest jobs on the APMA Shipping Board with classifieds for your career specialty and interest.
  • A directory of crewing services and recruiters looking for people like you!

For Employers:

  • All in one place, use the APMA Shipping Board for a nationwide employment network that offers solutions and classifieds for large and small employer searches.
  • Directory of Recruiters to get specific business and talent needs.

Your Profession: Education and Training

One of the most pressing career needs in our industry is training for promotion, opportunity, and career maintenance.  The APMA provides a nationwide network of training programs, from schools to self-study suppliers, in one place so you get it done on your terms. 

  • The APMA Directory of Education and Training is an exclusive search program to help you find the closest maritime education and training facility for your career needs.
  • The APMA Education Suppliers is the simplest online resource to find the books, videos, and tools you need.
  • Use APMA quick-links to the USCG MMC Application Process​, TWIC, Medical requirements, Drug testing, and Credentialing Services to guide you through the process.

Your Network: Stay Connected Through the APMA

There is only one place for all American Professional Mariners to network online – here!  The APMA uses state-of-the-art database programs that serve your needs 24/7.  This is about you, your life, and your needs.  APMA networks build lasting connections for mariners, associates, students and families.

  • Find and contact shipmates through the privacy / secure APMA Membership Directory.  Your email address remains secure.
  • Network through the APMA social media on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
  • Get the latest and unfiltered USCG news feed! 
  • Tell your story!  We provide guest blog post opportunities for some of the best (and the worst) sea stories, photos, and videos.  If you have something to help, say, or prove – the APMA has unlimited database potential for all of our members to post. 

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